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Become a Certified Reiki Healer yourself!

We offer two classes at Red Stone Healing.

Reiki I & II

Reiki Master (level III)

Students who attend Reiki training with Red Stone Healing  will be certified as Reiki Practitioners after a successful completion of each course. After the completion of Reiki I & II, students may register with the IARP.

Reiki classes are held in the conference room of the Saturn Building. The Saturn Building is located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. 

The number of students allowed per class is limited so we may provide personal attention for each student. Kibby understands that everyone learns in different ways and at a different paces. She will make sure each student is comfortable with all aspects of Reiki  before completion.

For more information on our classes please email us.

Private classes may also be arranged to accommodate your schedule.  

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