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Spiritual Healing

 Kibby uses her own indigenous teaching and practices in partnership with Reiki, vibrational healing (drumming), and clairvoyance to deliver personalized healing sessions unique to each client. Sessions are $150 for 1 hour. 

Reaching Out

The Healer's Healer

Kibby specializes in working with other healers; Social Workers, Therapists, Mediums, and Energy workers.  She will guide you, help you tune into your own knowing, and consult with you on your own practice.   $200 for 1 hour.



Mentorship is a one year commitment for those who are devoted to their spiritual healing journey. Mentorship is always one-on-one. It is limited to three participants a year. It includes an hour of  bi weekly online meetings and a monthly ritual at a sacred location. Upon completion of the mentorship program you will be a certified Reiki Master. If you are interested, reach out to schedule an interview for Fall 2023. Mentorship is $10,000 a year.

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